Sex and Take-out!

Ever wished you could just stay at home for the night and indulge in sex and take-out? Now you have the perfect excuse!

On August 6th, a bunch of people will go to Houston for a day of prayer, fasting, religious chauvinism, and magical thinking, and Texas Governor Rick Perry will do some unabashed grandstanding.

We believe that America and the world have real problems, and that they won’t be solved by shouting at the sky, not eating for a day, and begging the gods to relieve us of the responsibility.

In fact, we believe it would be better to stay home on August 6th, get laid, eat some greasy food, sleep in, and then go out into the world, rested and fortified, and actually work on solving our problems.

Even if you for some crazy reason can’t make it out to Skepticamp tomorrow, at least make the effort to indulge in some greasy chinese food and a little hanky-panky. Do it in the name of slacktivism skepticism!


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